Histric Hartfrd Synaggues

Hartford synagogues have had many notable rabbis and cantors through the years. Some became prominent on a state or national level for writing and speaking out on a variety of issues such as racial equality, education, and Zionism while others were known for the quality of their sermons or musical talent. All served their congregations with strength, dignity and an adherence to Jewish beliefs and values.

Spiritual Leaders in Hartford

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Isaac Mayer

Isaac Mayer

Rabbi Hurewitz

Isaac Hurewitz

Rabbi Cemach Hoffenberg

Cemach Hoffenberg

Rabbi Nowak

Abraham Nowak

Rabbi Silverman

Morris Silverman

Rabbi Kalmon Rosenbaum

Kalman Rosenbaum

Rabbi Leon Spitz

Leon Spitz

Rabbi AvRutick

Abraham AvRutick

Haskel Lindenthal

Haskel Lindenthal

Rabbi Issac Avigdor

Isaac Avigdor

Rabbi Meyer Zywica

Meyer Zywica

Rabbi Abraham Feldman

Abraham Feldman

Phillip Lazowski

Philip Lazowski

Rabbi Hans Bodenheimer

Hans Bodenheimer

Rabbi Leon Wind

Leon Wind

Rabbi Stanley Kessler

Stanley Kessler

Cantor Arthur Koret

Arthur Koret

Rabbi William Cohen

William Cohen