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Chevry Lomday Mishnayes (1918 - 1983 merger with Teferes Israel)

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Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford
Chevry Lomday Mishnayes (1918 - 1983 merger with Teferes Israel)
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Biographical/Historical note Congregation Chevry Lomday Mishnayes was founded in 1918 by a group of Eastern European and Russian immigrants under the name of "Chevre Mishnayos of Hartford" (roughly translated as Fellowship of the Mishnah). For the first seven years the congregation had no permanent home. In 1925, the congregants built their first shul at 150 Bedford Street. In 1934, the synagogue re-incorporated under the name "Congregation Chevry Lomday Mishnayes" (roughly translated as Fellow Students of the Mishnah). In response to the mass movement of the Jewish population to the northwest part of Hartford and to West Hartford, Chevry Lomday Mishnayes purchased the former Young Israel shul at 191 Westbourne Parkway in 1964. By 1983, attendance declined and the congregation merged with Teferes Israel.
Scope and Contents
Scope and Contents note This collection contains important information on the turning points and general nature of the congregation, but less information about activities.

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Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Chevry Lomday Mishnayes Records & Manuscripts
Board of Directors/Activities
Board of Directors/Members
Buildings/150 Bedford Street
Buildings/191 Westbourne Parkway
Buildings/Locations under Consideration
Cemetery and Burial/Cemetery Administration
Cemetery and Burial/Cemetery Deeds of Congregation Members, 1950s & 1960s
Cemetery and Burial/Cemetery Invoices and Deeds -- Blank Copies
Cemetery and Burial/Purchase of Land, Garden Street, 1966
Constitution and By-Laws
Financial Information/Insurance
Financial Information/Tax Exemption Forms, 1960s
Fundraising and Donations
Historical Highlights
Incorporation Papers, 1918, 1934
Members and Membership, 1950s & 1960s
Merger with Teferes Israel
Music, Choir, Cantorial Programs/Weinberg, Hyman
Newsletters, 1950s to 1970s
Rabbis/Zywica, Meyer F.
Ritual Matters and Shabbat Events

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